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Not until 2013, when laser-induced graphene was first derived from a plastic substrate by Professor James Tour of Rice University, was the true potential of this wonder material revealed.


Ever since, laser-induced graphene research has spearheaded modern materials application with major commercial uses including air filtration, water purification, printed circuit boards, gas and strain sensors, wound healing, water splitting, automotive, aerospace and countless other industries primed to benefit both humanity and the world.


LIGC Application Ltd. is at the forefront of laser-induced graphene commercialization with disruptive patented technology designed for our advancement towards a better tomorrow.


LIGC currently focuses on Active Air Filtering products that address the need for revolutionary filtration systems as underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Our technology

Active Air Filters made with laser-induced graphene (LIG) are designed to damage and destroy organic particles including bacteria, mold spores and viruses at the micron and sub-micron levels when passed through a microscopic network of porous graphene.

This cost-effective and scalable approach is produced using commercially-available CO2 lasers in ambient atmosphere to derive graphene coated plastic surfaces and create a conductive graphene mesh. The graphene mesh heats, electrocutes and neutralizes organic particles and pathogens at revolutionary efficiency compared to active carbon filters, UV-C, and fiber HEPA filters.



Air filtration systems are a pivotal feature of future technology because they sustain it right at the source - the human element. Whether on land, underwater, in the air or in space, humanity relies on air filters to create breathable air free from pathogens and contaminants that are harmful to our health and disruptive to functional work and living spaces.


LIGC Active Air Filters deliver clean and pure air to homes, offices, airplanes, cruise ships, elevators, personal protection equipment and much more at minimal energy costs and virtually silent sound levels. We’re proud to do our part in advancing technology and promoting safe and healthy workspaces and lifestyles as we seek to create cleaner and more breathable air for all.


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